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Client Reviews

Monique La Barr


Hello, I had the chance to do a clinical integrative hypnosis session with Margo and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It opened my eyes up to things that I did not even realize about myself, and it helped me to tap into parts of my psyche that I had otherwise “blocked” or “ignored” for as long as I can remember. Margo was extremely warm, friendly, and helpful. I felt very comfortable working with her, and opening myself up the way that I did. Her personality calmed any anxiety I had about coming into the session in the first place, since this was the first time I did something like this.

The session was thorough and she stayed on a consistent pace, which I really appreciated. It included change work using NLP, EFT which is the emotional freedom technique (my personal favorite!), and deep trance work. Each aspect of the session allowed my unconscious mind to anchor in changes that have continued even to this day. Even better, Margo outlined and showed me techniques that I could do on my own, which help tremendously with any anxiety I may experience, as well as fears that may come up in my mind. These techniques she showed me included peripheral vision, bilateral stimulation, the confidence anchor, the peace anchor, and she also showed me how to go into self-hypnosis anytime/anywhere. Overall, I am very pleased with how Margo worked with me, as well as the entire session and how it turned out, it was much better than expected. Margo helped me immensely and I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for some much-needed balance in your life, relaxation, peace, or if you happen to be experiencing any issues or blockage that you might need a little help with.

Alicia Marie Rivers

Owner/Creator Pretty Hot Chick, LLC

Lately, I'd been feeling so unlike myself - unhappy, less confident, stressed...just blah! So a friend suggested a Integrative Hypnosis session. I thought, "why not?! What do I have to lose?" Little did I know! LOL!  Upon meeting Margo, the Certified Clinical Hypnotist, her warmth and calm spirit instantly made me feel at ease. The session was amazing! As we purged the negativity, doubt, anxiety and fear from my subconscious and conscious mind, I felt my tears lifting my spirit. It was as if a cloud had been lifted. Everything looked brighter. I felt lighter. I felt free. Nothing could effect me. A day or so later, I was tested, but Margo's shared techniques of bilateral stimulation (stimulating both sides of brain so anxiety, fear, etc, does not have opportunity to settle in) and peripheral vision, kept and STILL keeps me calm, secure and peaceful. Thank you Margo!

Jean Rivera

College Student/Health Food Store Manager

Before Hypnosis:
Every night, it was constant crying. Not one night went by without me crying my eyes out. This may be cliche but I was heart broken. The man I was in love with led me on, made me believe that he loved me as well & that we'll be together soon only to find out that he was lying. Everything he told me was a lie. He's in love with someone else. Someone he has no intentions of leaving. I was left alone, and empty. I stressed myself out for weeks. For weeks, I was losing my sanity, losing myself. I was always that "Oh, he left me? Okay I don't care" kind of girl, but for this boy I changed completely. I needed to find myself again. & That is what this hypnosis with Margo helped me with. I did find myself again. I found myself much happier the next day. I found myself not caring if he wanted to be with me or not. I let him go. I loved him less, and loved myself more. That is what I needed and I'm so happy that I got that. Self-love is the most important love, and that is what I needed & that is what I received. Margo is amazing. I'm so grateful for what she helped me with. I haven't felt so confident in myself in so long.

Captain Rick Green

Kalamazoo  County Sheriff's Office

Margo, I wanted to tell you about what an awesome experience I had after our hypnosis session.  I woke up the next day full of energy and WANTING to get up and exercise.  It just seemed to be automatic.  I got up and got moving and it felt great!   Then when I went about getting something to eat, I was just naturally drawn to healthier choices.  I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy - so when I was at the Steak House and found myself passing up a loaded baked potato for broccoli, I thought, "Whoa, did I really just do that?" and it was simply the right choice for me.  Now it's been two weeks since our session and I am down eight pounds with only twelve more to go.  I am enjoying my exercises and cannot believe how simple this all is.  When I first looked into hypnosis, I was skeptical, but am now a full believer.  I have to say it was one of the easiest, most relaxing things I have done in a long time.  I will certainly look you up again when I come back to New York.  You have a true gift.  Thank you for all you have done!